Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about, or problems with the use of our B2B portal, you will more than likely find the answers here: arrow down

I have forgotten my password!

On the homepage is the button "Forgotten password?" By clicking on it, and then entering your user name, a newly generated password will be sent to the stored E-mail address. After logging in go to 'My Data' -> 'Change User Data' where the password can be manually changed to a new one.
Should the user name also no longer be known, by calling our customer support specialist at TOP-TEAM Central Purchasing, this can be given on request. Likewise, when necessary, the deposited E-mail address to which the password is sent, can, also be changed.


Upload the packaging commitment confirmation

Annually, confirmation of the upload of the packaging commitment is required.

You will find this under 'My Data' -> 'Certificates'. Choose between license or sub-license, and then enter the partner who is responsible for the packaging, followed by your license number in the field "Partner and license number"

Download the commitment form, duly fill it in, and upload it as pdf. Should the upload not be accepted or it does not immediately work, the size of the file should be minimized before trying again.

User Delete/Create

The Company Admin has the authority to enter and delete users.

In the menu 'My Data' -> under 'User Management', any number of employees can be added. The allocation of the label 'Company Admin' is possible here. Allowing the admin status to be passed on to another employee. Since there is always at least one company admin, the deletion of the last employee with the id 'Company Admin' is not possible.

Other users can be deleted by using the 'Delete Person' button.



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